Style is NOT about blending in!

Gabbi and MishcaReal style is having the confidence to stand out of the crowd…

AnonaMiss Beauty Emporium’s exclusive range of professional quality make-up, extravagant lashes and too-dye-for hair products offers you the opportunity to do just that! Be it a demure darling, a feisty femme fatale, or a sultry sex-kitten, let your sassy alter-ego come out to play!

AnonaMiss Beauty Emporium is the official South African Distributor of the edgy, alternative make-up and hair product range, Manic Panic, founded in New York in 1977, and famous the world over. This range sports the famous range of vegan-friendly, semi-permanent hair dyes worn by the hottest celebrities over the past three decades.

We strive to use our professional knowledge and sassy attitudes to bring you innovative, top-quality, professional products at affordable prices.

We promise to always keep our ears to the ground and our eyes roaming for new, hot, must-have products! If we find it drool-worthy we will bring it to you!



Gabbi & Mishca

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